New Rapid Selector replaces Parametric Search Wizard

Posted by Dulcie on April 11, 2013
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We have recently introduced an upgraded TDK-Lambda Rapid Selector (

TDK-Lambda Rapid Selector

The most important, recent change with the introduction of the upgraded Rapid Selector is to integrate the dedicated Vega AC-DC power supply configurator program. The Rapid Selector now covers all product ranges.

The Rapid Selector also brings some enhancements relating specifically to the Vega range of configurable power supplies; these include:
1. Quick configure will now offer Vega units if these are appropriate (for both AC input and DC input).
2. View configured product:
– automatically show results for both Vega and NV products
– single-step process (enter the part number, click view)
3. Configure a Vega (previously this was only available on the Vega stand-alone configurator program)
4. Request a quote from the offered results
5. All features available on desktop or mobile devices
6. In addition, series connected ‘C’ modules for NV350 and NV700 are now available from 48V up to 64V.

The TDK-Lambda Rapid Selector can now select from a total of more than 3000 different AC-DC and DC-DC products from over 100 different product ranges. In addition, the configurable/modular products range is offered.

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