Caveat Emptor… it could be a fake!

Posted by Dulcie on October 18, 2012
Posted in: News

It seems these days that no matter what product you’re buying, if it’s too cheap to be true and/or not from a reputable retailer/distributor then it’s likely to be fake; a Rolex watch being the classic example.

But it’s not just expensive luxury goods that are being counterfeited; take a look at this article I spotted recently from Raspberry Pi about them uncovering counterfeit chargers.

Apparently, Trading Standards is already aware of these fake PSUs and has carried out raids on suppliers… but there are still plenty of them out there so Raspberry Pi has created a video which should help you tell the difference between a genuine and fake charger.

Their advice… if you find that your charger is a fake, take it back to the seller and raise a stink: and most importantly, stop using it immediately.

Sadly counterfeits are common all across the electronics industry. We recommend that you should always buy from the manufacturer or their Authorised Distributors.