How does improved efficiency facilitate integration of PFE-SA power modules?

A reduction in a power supply’s dissipated power can have significant benefits to the required airflow, audible noise, operating temperature and heatsink size explains TDK-Lambda in this video, comparing the new PFE-SA AC-DC power module with the previous generation model.

PFE-SA Series

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Broadband Amplifier

Manufacturers of broadband amplifiers need compact power supplies to keep their equipment small to avoid occupying valuable space either on the bench or in a rack. The high power density of TDK-Lambda’s HFE1600-48 was the primary reason for being chosen to power a new series of amplifiers – the HFE units measuring just 1U high and 300mm in length.


RX/TX Communications Equipment

Equipment used in transmitting and receiving data is often required to run without fan cooling to prolong field life, particularly in remote installations. TDK-Lambda’s PFE300SA-28 300W AC-DC power module was found to be well suited for a supplier of RX/TX equipment as it can be either cold-plate mounted or fitted with a heatsink, operating with baseplate temperatures of up to 100oC.


Digitally controlled 300W eighth bricks offer improved dynamic response


• 48Vdc Input with 9.6 to 12Vdc 300W Outputs
• 1/8th Brick Footprint
• Digital Non-linear Adaptive Control

TDK Corporation announces the introduction of the iEH series of 300W 1/8th brick DC-DC converters. Utilising digital non-linear adaptive control, these converters offer improved dynamic response, better system stability and increased reliability due to a reduced component count. This makes the series ideal for demanding communications, test and broadcast applications.

The iEH series can provide output voltages of 9.6, 10.2, 10.8 or 12Vdc with currents up to 33A from a nominal input of 48Vdc. The digital control also enables component optimisation and high efficiency up to 95.5% to deliver 265W of output power at 55oC ambient, or 284W with the optional baseplate, with just 1m/s airflow. In addition, the converters can be paralleled for additional power by specifying the droop mode current share option.

The converters are in the industry standard eighth brick package measuring 58.4 x 22.9 x 12.7mm. Standard features of the iEH series include remote on/off, output over-current protection, input under/over-voltage protection, output over-voltage protection and over-temperature protection.

All iEH models are fully isolated with an input to output isolation of 2,250Vdc and 1,500Vdc input to baseplate. Safety certification includes IEC/EN 60950-1, UL 60950-1 with CE marking for the Low Voltage and RoHS2 Directives.

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OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health & Safety certification received for North Devon power supply manufacturer


TDK Corporation is pleased to announce that TDK-Lambda UK, headquartered in Ilfracombe, North Devon, has achieved OHSAS 18001: 2007 certification for its Occupational Health and Safety Management System from the British Standards Institute.

“OHSAS 18001 demonstrates our commitment to the health and safety of our employees,” says Phil Scotcher, General Manager, TDK-Lambda UK. “We started on our journey towards OHSAS 18001 about two years ago. This has been a far reaching project, touching all parts of the organisation. I am delighted that we’ve now achieved certification, which will form a great foundation for continuing to ensure a safe and healthy working environment.”

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Customised Test Rack System

TDK-Lambda offers a wide range of value added solutions including customised racking systems using the the Z+ series of programmable power supplies. An existing customer approached TDK-Lambda for a solution containing four power supplies mounted in a 2U rack, knowing they would receive superb service and support.


Genesys series benefits from tighter specifications

Having product performance significantly better than the published specification seems like a very good idea, as it demonstrates the conservative ratings of the product.

A drawback of doing this is when the customer likes, and needs, that better product perfor-mance, but the published specification does not reflect it. Will all the units perform that well? Yes, one could hope that they will, or a request could be made that the manufacturer guaran-tees the actual measured limits.

A product review was recently held on TDK-Lambda’s Genesys™ 750W to 5kW series of programmable power supplies . After analysis of the circuit and components, backed by historical test data, it was decided to publish a more stringent specification.

Temperature co-efficient and stability, programming, read back and display accuracy along with programming resolution specifications were all tightened. The stated accuracy of the voltage display, for example, is improved by a factor of 10.

Customers can now fully utilise the superior performance of the Genesys™ programmable power supplies , knowing that it is backed by a published specification.


What is the reduction in dissipated power between the S and SA versions of PFE power module range?

Here in this TDK-Lambda video, TDK-Lambda compares the dissipated power between the new PFE-SA power module series and the original generation PFE-S series. Graphical illustrations demonstrate that with 100VAC or 200VAC input, the new series dissipates up to 30% less power when providing 80 to 100% load.

PFE-SA Series

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Residential LED Lighting Control

European regulations require external power supplies to be highly efficient and to have a low off-load power draw. It is for this reason that TDK-Lambda’s 150W DT-C external power supply was selected by a manufacturer of LED lighting controls, coupled with the ability to supply a special connector on the output cable.


How does efficiency related to output power compare between the S and SA versions of PFE-SA power modules?

TDK-Lambda TDK-Lambda has introduced the PFE-SA power modules superseding the PFE-S series. This video compares the efficiency improvements, at different loads and input voltages, between the two 500W 28V output models.

PFE-SA Series

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