What is the reduction in dissipated power between the S and SA versions of PFE power module range?

Here in this TDK-Lambda video, TDK-Lambda compares the dissipated power between the new PFE-SA power module series and the original generation PFE-S series. Graphical illustrations demonstrate that with 100VAC or 200VAC input, the new series dissipates up to 30% less power when providing 80 to 100% load.

PFE-SA Series

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Residential LED Lighting Control

European regulations require external power supplies to be highly efficient and to have a low off-load power draw. It is for this reason that TDK-Lambda’s 150W DT-C external power supply was selected by a manufacturer of LED lighting controls, coupled with the ability to supply a special connector on the output cable.



How does efficiency related to output power compare between the S and SA versions of PFE-SA power modules?

TDK-Lambda TDK-Lambda has introduced the PFE-SA power modules superseding the PFE-S series. This video compares the efficiency improvements, at different loads and input voltages, between the two 500W 28V output models.

PFE-SA Series

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Can ZMS100 power supplies be used for class II equipment?

Class II equipment is now preferred in home healthcare equipment as a large percentage of homes in Europe and the US do not have a reliable ground connection. Here, in this video, TDK-Lambda shows how the ZMS100 series of power supplies can operate safely and reliably without a ground wire connection.


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Digital Video TV Broadcasting

Equipment used in TV broadcasting cannot fail as large sporting events attract huge advertising revenues. The HFE series of hot-swap redundant power supplies was recommended by TDK-Lambda to power new digital video TV equipment for maximum up-time. In the event of a power supply failure, the N+1 arrangement allows for the system to continue operating and to be serviced without disruption.




Roadside Variable Message Signs

Traffic variable message signs are subjected to all the elements of weather. TDK-Lambda’s 50W and 150W HWS-A series of power supplies was selected by one sign manufacturer not only for having a limited lifetime warranty, but by using the /HD models, the product is guaranteed to start up at -40oC.



What are the recommended clearance distances for DRF Din Rail power supplies?

In this one minute video TDK-Lambda gives recommended clearance distances for the DRF series of DIN rail mounted power supplies:

DRF - External fuse video

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New Power Supply Heatsink Construction Patent

TDK Corporation announces that TDK-Lambda UK’s power supply heat-sink arrangement patent application has been approved by the UK Intellectual Property Office.

Power supplies designers utilise a variety of components that dissipate heat, including leaded (through hole) and surface mount devices. These parts, however, require different cooling arrangements.

Surface mount power devices can be mounted on an insulated metal substrate (IMS) consisting of layers of copper traces and thermally conductive insulation bonded to a metal baseplate. This substrate is usually vertically mounted and electrically connected to the main circuit board with a lead-frame.

Although power semiconductors are available in surface mount packages, it is easier to transfer high currents to the main board with a leaded part. This alleviates the need for multiple low current pins on the lead-frame, occupying valuable board area. Conversely leaded parts require fasteners and insulation to mount them to a heatsink. Surface mount I2PAK packages with leads to carry the high currents to the main board are available, but are expensive. Consequently, a combination of both surface mount and leaded components are generally required.

“Available space and electrical clearance was an issue,” Martin Coates Senior Electrical Design Engineer, TDK-Lambda explained. “We needed a cost effective hybrid solution.”

The heat-sink arrangement developed by TDK-Lambda utilises a traditional IMS board
containing surface mounted power components on one side. Leaded power semiconductors are attached to the other side with a double-sided adhesive tape with both insulating and thermally conductive properties. The completed space saving assembly does not use any mechanical fasteners and can be easily soldered to the main circuit board.

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