Low power model added to RWS-B Series

• Digital adaptive control
• Parallel operation with current sharing
• Configurable sequence and fault management

TDK Corporation announces that TDK-Lambda has added a further 50W power model to its RWS-B series of enclosed AC-DC single output power supplies. Augmenting the four existing power levels between 100W and 600W, the newly launched 50W range of models is well suited to a number of low power applications including general industrial, automation, broadcast, test and measurement and LED signage.

Operating from a universal input of 85 – 265Vac (47 – 63Hz), the RWS50B power supply achieves exceptional thermal performance for cooler operation over its operating range of
-10 to +70°C and is convection cooled. Standard output voltages range from 5 to 48Vdc, delivering currents up to 10A with typical efficiency up to 88%. To accommodate non-standard system voltages, the RWS-B series is user adjustable by -10/+15% (+10% for 48V model). Regular features include over current protection with automatic recovery and latching over voltage protection.

As with all models in the RWS-B series, the RWS50B features a 10 year e-cap lifetime (or greater under typical operating conditions) and comes with a 5-year warranty. CE marked, according to the Low Voltage and RoHS2 Directives, this 50W power supply achieves curve B conducted and radiated EMI performance (EN55011/EN55022-B, FCC class B, VCCI-B) and is approved to a wide range of safety standards including UL/ CSA/EN60950-1.

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Light Tunnels

DPP Series - DIN Rail Mount Power Supply

High quality and reliable operation were deciding factors for a manufacturer of light tunnels in its selection of the DPP range of DIN-rail power supplies from TDK-Lambda. Light tunnels, otherwise known as ‘Sun Tunnels’, are used to add light to windowless rooms. The product was also chosen based on the excellent standard of technical support offered by TDK-Lambda.


TDK-Lambda offers a wide range of DIN rail power supplies for industrial, automation and process control applications, click here for more information.


Transmitter Radio

HFE Front End Power supply

Transmitter radios are used throughout navies across the world; used for both voice and data, they are crucial to the marine industry. Thanks to TDK-Lambda’s excellent technical support and quality of its products, a manufacturer of internal and external communication systems for Marine applications has selected the HFE 2500 power supply to use in its systems.



Fire Protection Systems

GWS 250W Power Supplies

The risks of fire and dust explosions are common across process industries, in particular flour and saw mills. Specially designed fire alarms can detect the presence of these dangerous particles and extinguish it – thus preventing any fire or explosion. One supplier of these systems uses the GWS 250W power supplies from TDK-Lambda within its unit. The quality, technical specifications and well known reliability of TDK-Lambda products were all contributing factors in the final decision.



Automated Workstation

Laboratory automation is widely used for repetitive activities such as: high-throughput screening, analytical testing, diagnostics and many others. For applications such as these the equipment must be both robust and reliable, while operating in a busy lab quietly. For one particular piece of equipment the manufacturer selected the HWS300 industrial power supply from TDK-Lambda, which operates at high efficiency levels, integrates a low noise fan and is backed by the company’s lifetime warranty.



Breast Cancer Screening Equipment

Used for the early detection of breast cancer, mammography uses very low-energy x-rays to examine the tissue for characteristic lumps and bumps. This equipment is usually set up in a hospital or onboard a mobile screening unit – however, regardless of environment, the equipment must be energy efficient, reliable and operate quietly. It is for these very reasons why one manufacturer chose the Vega 900W standard power supply from TDK-Lambda.



Blood Analyzer

For the analysis of blood samples, automated specialist equipment is used. For its most recent blood analyser the equipment manufacturer chose the HFE power supply from TDK-Lambda. Meeting Class A (radiated) and Class B (conducted) EMC requirements, the HFE2500 features high efficiency of up to 93%, which minimises heat dissipation and power consumption.



Carbon footprint project earns AS-Level pupils Engineering Education Scheme accolade

• Blundell’s School project team worked with local power supply manufacturer

TDK Corporation is pleased to announce a team of AS-Level pupils at Blundell’s School working with TDK-Lambda UK has not only qualified for their Engineering Education Scheme (EES) certificates but also for the GOLD Crest Award, which is widely recognised and respected by UCAS for university admissions in STEM subjects.

Run by the Engineering Development Trust (EDT), the EES scheme links teams of A-Level students with local companies to work on STEM-related projects. Following on from last year’s Wind Tunnel project, the project this year was to establish a method for measuring the carbon footprint of TDK-Lambda UK’s production facility in Ilfracombe.

Blundells Certificate

The Blundell's team worked alongside Product Performance Manager, Adrian Irwin (pictured right) who offered advice and assistance to the pupils whenever needed.

The 4 person team from Blundell’s worked alongside Product Performance Manager, Adrian Irwin who offered advice and assistance to the pupils whenever needed: “The project team went way beyond their remit, which was to provide a measurement and display method of calculating our facility’s carbon footprint. The team provided some good ideas for improvement activities that we may take further.”

Early on in the project, the team worked closely with Tim Puttick, Environment Manager: “The main take-home from the project was to establish and work as a successful team. The knowledge they gained about CO2 emissions, how they are calculated and what the figures represent is invaluable.”

Puttick adds: “The team was very inquisitive – they did think about where to go next with the results. It wasn’t just a case of submitting their findings, they did very well to take the data that we had and convert it into meaningful information.”

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60A Non-isolated SMT Point-of-Load Converters with PMBusTM

• Digital adaptive control
• Parallel operation with current sharing
• Configurable sequence and fault management

TDK Corporation introduces the TDK-Lambda iJB series of 60 amp non-isolated SMT
DC-DC converters for high current applications. These compact POL modules offer an extremely high power density and high operating efficiency from light to full load conditions; they are PMBusTM read and write compliant and digitally controlled, allowing for a great deal of flexibility and customisation to address a broad range of applications including communications, test, broadcast and industrial equipment.

The iJB series performs local voltage conversion from 8-14VDC bus voltages at up to 93% efficiency and features adjustable output voltages from 0.6 to 2.0V with a precision set point accuracy of 0.5% and extremely accurate current read-back – the digital adaptive control feature accommodates a wide range of external load capacitance. Measuring 26.8 x 24.1 x 9.7mm, the iJB power modules offer an extremely high power density and support easy paralleling with interleaving for implementation in higher current applications.

For more information about TDK-Lambda, please call us directly on +44 (0)1271 856600 or visit the website at: www.uk.tdk-lambda.com


Introducing the HWS-A Series of 15-150W Industrial Power Supplies

TDK-Lambda presents a short video that shows the key features of the new HWS-A series of 15-150W power supplies for Industrial and Automation, Broadcast, Test and Measurement and LED Displays and Signage applications.

To read more about the HWS-A series, please visit: www.uk.tdk-lambda.com/hws-a

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