High voltage programmable power supplies used for semiconductor burn-in


Manufacturers subject initial production batches and random production sampling to extensive, and sometimes extended, burn-in to ensure product reliability. Semiconductor manufacturing is no different, and as the test voltages will often need to be changed for each part series, programmable power supplies are a popular choice for burn-in equipment.

TDK-Lambda’s Z+ series of programmable power supplies are now being used in a full turn-key family of semiconductor burn-in systems. The high performance of the 800W 2U high Z650-1.25 model impressed the system designers with its ability to provide voltages from 0 to 650V. The Z+ series also has multiple standard programming and monitoring interfaces, including USB, RS232/485, analogue and front panel controls.


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Fan-less supply powers modules for optical networks

PFE series AC-DC power module

Optical networks use fibre optic cables to transmit large quantities of data for internet and communication networks. It is preferred because it is capable of achieving very high bandwidths. System and power supply cooling is often provided by central fan assemblies rather than relying on upon multitude of smaller internal fans.

As the TDK-Lambda PFE series of AC-DC power modules utilises baseplate cooling, a manufacturer of optical networks was able to integrate the product into their air-cooled system with the use of a heat sink. By using the new higher efficiency PFE500SA-48 version, the size of the heat sink could be reduced as less waste heat was produced.


Grand Challenges for STEM education

Our global society faces enormous challenges in the 21st century: how to deal with climate change and develop new sources of energy; restoring and improving urban infrastructure; and engineering better medicines and healthcare. Engineering institutions working together worldwide have recognised this, articulating them as a series of Grand Challenges intended as a rallying cry for engineering and scientific efforts, shining a light on the substantial opportunities and challenges impacting quality of life around the world.

To address them successfully, Phil Scotcher, General Manager, TDK-Lambda UK says that we must raise levels of public awareness and understanding of engineering and its underlying science. Only in this way can engineering and scientific communities positively influence policy agenda and ensure calls for funding are supported. Engineers and scientists must join with educators and policymakers to encourage, promote and deliver improved science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) education in our schools – as well as the flow of technical information to the public at large. The UK government’s recent Industrial Strategy green paper recognises many of these same issues, offering encouragement on investment in science, research and innovation, and tackling the skills gap to help people and businesses thrive.
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Blood clot analyser benefits from no minimum load power supply

NV Power

Blood clotting, or haemostasis, is an essential part of wound or post-surgery healing. Rapid analysis of the process of coagulation can be essential to determine if medication needs to be adjusted to help a patient recover quickly. The use of fully automatic equipment is highly desired by laboratories to save both time and cost.

For many analysers, the DC power demand changes significantly during the process. High current 24V is used to drive the motors associated with handling the samples and perform any heating or cooling. Traditional 5V and 12-15V is also needed to drive on-board processors to analyse the results. The designers of one new analyser picked TDK-Lambda’s NVA-300 configurable power supply as it can be delivered with a high power 24V output, yet requires no minimum loading for the lower power auxiliary outputs. The optional IEC320 inlet connector was selected to simplify input wiring.

TDK-Lambda offers a wide range of standard Industrial Power Supplies for industrial, test and measurement applications.


Lower cost 600W full brick converters are suitable for distributed power architectures

LA008114 - iFB Series

TDK Corporation announces the introduction of the lower cost iFB series of 557 to 600W rated DC-DC converters. Packaged in the industry standard full-brick form factor, the iFB models offer high useable power and a robust design suitable for the demands of distributed power architectures. Applications include a wide variety of data communications, telecommunications, and test and measurement equipment.

The PCB mount iFB DC-DC converters have the industry standard full-brick footprint, measuring 116.84 x 60.96 x 13.21mm. The integral baseplate allows operation of the 12V model at 500W in an ambient temperature of 52°C, with just 2m/s airflow. The use of an external heatsink or cold-plate will further extend the thermal performance. With efficiencies of up to 94%, internal power losses are reduced, ensuring reliable operation.

Two output voltages are available, both suitable for driving Point of Load converters. The 12V 50A has a wide 7.2V to 13.2V adjustment range, and the 9.6V 58A version can be set between 5.76V and 10.56V. Both models accept a 36 to 75Vdc input and can operate in temperatures of -40°C to +125°C. Output trim and remote sense are provided as standard. Input to output and input to baseplate isolation is 1,500Vdc, with an output to baseplate isolation of 500Vdc.

Safety certification includes IEC/EN 60950-1, UL/CSA 60950-1 with CE marking for the Low Voltage and RoHS2 Directives.

For more information about the full range of TDK-Lambda iFB series of DC-DC converters visit the TDK-Lambda website at: www.uk.tdk-lambda.com/ifb.


Modular power supplies reduce time-to-market for microscopes


Today’s modern microscopes can deliver stunningly detailed images with lateral resolutions as small as 20 nm, but up until recently depth resolution was limited to several hundred nm. The use of optical reconstruction now enables images to be viewed and recorded in all directions at high resolution. The use of high-end processors and digital imaging makes this possible.

Requiring multiple outputs in a compact system, an advanced microscope manufacturer requested TDK-Lambda’s modular 650W Vega series. By using the on-line configurator, the optimum set of modules is automatically selected, and samples rapidly delivered to reduce the customer’s time-to-market.

TDK-Lambda offers a wide range of standard Industrial Power Supplies for industrial, test and measurement applications.


Compact power supplies reduce plasma mass spectrometry equipment size

Benchtop space in laboratories is always in short supply as more and more sophisticated instruments are required to perform complex testing. Mass spectrometry equipment used in plasma processing is no different, using Argon gas, plasma torches and ion focusing mirrors, yet operators desire the minimum footprint space possible.

LA3955 - CUS350M - small

Three of TDK-Lambda’s power supplies were needed for one mass spectrometer to deliver 5V, +/-15V, 24V and 48V, with a potential output power of over 700W. As audible noise had to be low, convection cooled power supplies were necessary. For the lowest space a CUS350M, ZWS300BAF and triple output CUT75 were selected and located close to the devices that required power. As a further benefit, no minimum loads are required.

ZWS-BAF - PCB-type AC-DC Power Supplies

TDK-Lambda offers a wide range of standard Industrial Power Supplies for industrial, test and measurement applications.


Introducing the CUT series 35 -75W dual or triple output power supplies

TDK-Lambda presents a short video that shows the key features of the new CUT series 35 -75W dual or triple output power supplies.

Click here to read more about TDK-Lambda’s full range of AC-DC power supplies, or click here for the CUT series product page.

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New ship-board sonar system uses programmable power supplies

Ships rely on sonar systems to detect underwater objects, both natural and man-made. When used for navigational purposes, the power supply has to be reliable as the loss of sonar information can potentially cause damage to vessels.

With past experience in using TDK-Lambda’s power supplies, a manufacturer of sonar systems again called us regarding the Genesys™ programmable series. The customer required a special rear panel configuration using quick disconnect terminations, which the Power+ custom solutions engineering group provided. This enables the power supplies to be installed easily in the equipment and minimises wiring faults.

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200W supplies power 3D vision systems for robots

LA3957 - CUS200M

Originally, 3D measurement systems for robots were expensive as two or three cameras were needed. Now a lower cost single camera can be used to define the location and orientation of an object. This allows robotic arms to quickly process the information for faster part pick-and-place, from shipping racks to the production line.

TDK-Lambda’s 24V open frame CUS200M power supply has been chosen to power a new series of 3D robotic camera systems. With operating efficiencies of 94%, these supplies produce less waste heat allowing easier installation. The compact, convection cooled 3” x 5” products also do not require external airflow to operate reliably.

TDK-Lambda offers a wide range of standard Industrial Power Supplies for industrial, test and measurement applications.