Shop Security Barriers

LS series - Single Output General Purpose Power Supply

Security barriers located at shop entrances and exits are heavily relied upon in the retail industry as a good deterrent against casual theft. These barriers must remain fully operational throughout the shop’s opening hours and therefore require a consistent supply of power. That is why one barrier manufacturer chose TDK-Lambda’s efficient and reliable LS100-36 single output power supply. The OEM also valued the close working relationship developed with TDK-Lambda’s technical support team during the design phase.


Antenna Control Unit

EFE Series AC-DC Power Supplies

A long lasting relationship and excellent customer support were both contributing factors to a test & measurement equipment manufacturer choosing TDK-Lambda’s EFE300 AC-DC power supplies for use in its Antenna Control Units.


Optical Emission Spectrometers

CC-E DC-DC Converters

Optical Emission Spectroscopy is a method for providing elemental analysis of solid metallic samples. TDK-Lambda’s CC-E range of single output DC-DC converters has been selected by the manufacturer to be implemented into this equipment because of its quality and low weight. The manufacturer also appreciated TDK-Lambda’s high level of technical support during the design phase.


MRT System

PXF60 DC-DC Converter

Magnetic resonance tomography (MRT) or, as it is better known, Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), is a medical imaging technique that uses strong magnetic fields and radio waves to form images of the body. With such a need for reliability, it is of paramount importance that the manufacturer of these scanners can trust the products they are incorporating into their systems. It is for this reason that TDK-Lambda’s PXF DC-DC converter has been selected by the equipment manufacturer for use in its MRT systems.


Automotive Test Equipment

Z+ Series

A manufacturer of automotive testers has selected the Z+ range of programmable DC power supplies from TDK-Lambda. The small size and accuracy of the Z+ units combined with strong technical support were the key reasons for selection.


700W model added to PFE-SA series of AC-DC Power Modules

• Up to 91% efficiency
• Operation up to 100ºC baseplate
• 5-Year Warranty

TDK Corporation introduces a 700W model to the TDK-Lambda PFE-SA series of AC-DC full-brick power modules. A significant upgrade to the popular PFE700S launched 5 years ago, the PFE700SA comes with a 3% efficiency improvement, providing a convenient AC-DC board mounted solution for applications such as industrial, MIL-COTS, broadcast, datacom and telecom, test & measurement, LED displays and signage. Being a baseplate-cooled product, the PFE700SA is particularly well-suited for building into outdoor applications, as well as equipment requiring water-cooling, hermetic sealing, fanless operation and compact design.

Available in a 51V semi-regulated output, the PFE700SA can deliver full power with a baseplate temperature of between -40 and +100°C. Line and load regulation is 50 to 57V and typical efficiency for the PFE700SA is up to 91%.

As with all models in the PFE-SA series, which includes the 300W PFE300SA and 500W PFE500SA, the PFE700SA accepts a wide, universal AC input from 85V to 265V at 47-63Hz and features active power factor correction and an input to output isolation of 3kV for one minute. The inverter operation good functions provide great flexibility in the diagnostics of the power system. In addition, over voltage, over current and over temperature protections are included.

For more information about the TDK-Lambda PFE700SA, along with other models in the PFE-SA series, please call TDK-Lambda directly on +44 (0)1271 856600 or visit the TDK-Lambda website at:


Low power model added to RWS-B Series

• Digital adaptive control
• Parallel operation with current sharing
• Configurable sequence and fault management

TDK Corporation announces that TDK-Lambda has added a further 50W power model to its RWS-B series of enclosed AC-DC single output power supplies. Augmenting the four existing power levels between 100W and 600W, the newly launched 50W range of models is well suited to a number of low power applications including general industrial, automation, broadcast, test and measurement and LED signage.

Operating from a universal input of 85 – 265Vac (47 – 63Hz), the RWS50B power supply achieves exceptional thermal performance for cooler operation over its operating range of
-10 to +70°C and is convection cooled. Standard output voltages range from 5 to 48Vdc, delivering currents up to 10A with typical efficiency up to 88%. To accommodate non-standard system voltages, the RWS-B series is user adjustable by -10/+15% (+10% for 48V model). Regular features include over current protection with automatic recovery and latching over voltage protection.

As with all models in the RWS-B series, the RWS50B features a 10 year e-cap lifetime (or greater under typical operating conditions) and comes with a 5-year warranty. CE marked, according to the Low Voltage and RoHS2 Directives, this 50W power supply achieves curve B conducted and radiated EMI performance (EN55011/EN55022-B, FCC class B, VCCI-B) and is approved to a wide range of safety standards including UL/ CSA/EN60950-1.

For more information about TDK-Lambda, please call us directly on +44 (0)1271 856600 or visit the website at:


Light Tunnels

DPP Series - DIN Rail Mount Power Supply

High quality and reliable operation were deciding factors for a manufacturer of light tunnels in its selection of the DPP range of DIN-rail power supplies from TDK-Lambda. Light tunnels, otherwise known as ‘Sun Tunnels’, are used to add light to windowless rooms. The product was also chosen based on the excellent standard of technical support offered by TDK-Lambda.

TDK-Lambda offers a wide range of DIN rail power supplies for industrial, automation and process control applications, click here for more information.


Transmitter Radio

HFE Front End Power supply

Transmitter radios are used throughout navies across the world; used for both voice and data, they are crucial to the marine industry. Thanks to TDK-Lambda’s excellent technical support and quality of its products, a manufacturer of internal and external communication systems for Marine applications has selected the HFE 2500 power supply to use in its systems.


Fire Protection Systems

GWS 250W Power Supplies

The risks of fire and dust explosions are common across process industries, in particular flour and saw mills. Specially designed fire alarms can detect the presence of these dangerous particles and extinguish it – thus preventing any fire or explosion. One supplier of these systems uses the GWS 250W power supplies from TDK-Lambda within its unit. The quality, technical specifications and well known reliability of TDK-Lambda products were all contributing factors in the final decision.