Bulk Power for Microwave Amplifiers


Microwave amplifiers operate in the GHz frequency range and the output power can vary from just a few Watts to larger systems that can deliver tens of thousands of Watts. The applications are also quite varied. Digital TV, electronic counter measures and EMC test equipment use lower power systems, but those used in radar and high energy physics can be demanding in their power requirements.

A manufacturer of microwave amplifiers has been using TDK-Lambda’s products for a number of years due to their quality and reliability. A new system required bulk 12V power for the amplifier, plus multiple low power output voltages for control purposes. A combination of the compact, low profile 2500W rated RFE2500 and the multi-output configurable NV175 was chosen.


Programmable Power Supplies for Testing Graphite Materials

GenesysTM 3U

High density graphite has a large number of applications due to its material properties, and is capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 2,800 degC. Furnaces are used to process the raw product and combine it with other materials for enhanced wear resistance, reduced porosity or higher insulation properties. Testing then has to be performed to ensure the end material meets specification.

One furnace manufacturer, who is already using TDK-Lambda products, chose the versatile 10kW programmable Genesys™ power supply for a next generation material testing product. Capable of delivering voltages of up to 1500V and currents of up to 1000A, the 3U high series can be programmed using a number of standard interfaces.

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Baseplate Cooled Power Supplies for Portable Communications Systems

CPFE Baseplate-cooled AC-DC Power Supply

Portable communication systems – particularly those used in defence and security applications – have to be highly reliable in while operating in harsh environments. Traditional cooling fans are susceptible to shock and vibration, which can lead to premature bearing failures. Cooling through a cold-plate, however, allows waste heat to be dissipated to the outside of an air-tight enclosure.

Looking for a power supply that already had been qualified to MIL-STD shock and vibration, a leading manufacturer of portable communications systems partnered with TDK-Lambda and a local distributor. Utilising TDK-Lambda’s CPFE500F baseplate cooled power supply, a high quality value-added power solution was quickly developed.

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Powering CT Medical Scanners


CT (Computed Tomography) scanners use multiple X-ray images that are then processed electronically – this enables to physician to ‘see inside’ the body without the patient undergoing invasive surgery. This technique is widely used for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes in many applications. Low output noise power supplies are often required to enhance the resolution of the image.

TDK-Lambda’s Power + Solutions team supported a manufacturer of CT scanners to develop a tailor made custom product that exactly met the needs of the system. As it was based on an existing product platform design, both design and product costs were minimised.

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Charging Tour Guide Headset Batteries


A visit to a museum is enhanced when the tourist can borrow a set of headphones and an electronic “guide”. This allows the visitor to experience items of interest at their own pace. Tour guide systems are now integrating everything into the headset, so the user does not have to worry about wires getting caught or broken.

The LS series from TDK-Lambda was picked to be used in the charging and programming stations for a well-known developer of tour guide systems. The economically priced 100W 5V output power supply has a five-year warranty, excellent quality and high performance.


Programmable Power Supplies for Hardware in the Loop Simulators

Genesys 500 125

Physically testing product during development consumes a large amount of time, is very expensive and sometimes the data is not reproducible. Hardware in the Loop (HIL) simulation is widely used to create a virtual model for a number of applications including battery simulation, automotive and robotics.

Three model numbers of TDK-Lambda’s Genesys™ programmable power supplies are now being used on a new range of Hardware in the Loop simulators. The 1U high, 1500W rated units with 20, 40 and 60V outputs were specially modified with painted front panels to match the customer’s equipment rack colour.

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Comparing efficiency levels for the PH-A high density power modules

In this brief video, TDK-Lambda compares the new 24V 100W output PH-A DC-DC power module efficiency with the previous generation PH model. Significant improvements are demonstrated across a load range of 20 to 100%, where efficiencies have been improved to above 90%, dramatically cutting waste heat.

Click here to read more about the full range of DC-DC converters, or click here for the PH-A product page.

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A technical overview of the QM range of modular power supplies

From the company that invented the modular power supply 37 years ago, TDK-Lambda’s QM series offers full medical MoPP isolation, low audible noise a 7 year warranty and high efficiency. Ideally suited for both Medical and Industrial applications, the QM has been certified to both IEC 60601-1 and IEC 60950-1 safety standards. Standard lead times are less than 1 week, and TDK-Lambda provides full technical support from their experienced team to ensure that the design-in process is as smooth as possible.

The QM7 can deliver 1200W at low-line AC input and 1500W at high-line, and the narrower QM5 700W and 1100W respectively, along with a comprehensive range of options including standby voltages, power fail, dc good and remote on/off capabilities.

Click here to read more www.uk.tdk-lambda.com/qm, or here to see the QM series product page.

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3200W Industrial Power Supply offers High Voltage, Wide Range Delta or Wye 3-phase Input

TDK Corporation announces the introduction of the TPS3000-24 industrial power supply, delivering up to 3200W output power (24V at 133.3A) in a 2U high package. It operates from a high voltage, wide range Delta or Wye 350 – 528Vac three phase input, avoiding the requirement for step down transformers and assisting phase load current balancing. The TPS3000 is ideal for use across many applications, including test and measurement equipment, printers, lasers, RF power amplifiers and semiconductor fabrication.


Fully featured with isolated AC Fail, DC Good and dropped phase signals, the TPS3000 has remote on/off, remote sense and a 12V 0.3A standby supply. Its PMBus™ communications interface allows remote monitoring of output voltage, output current, internal temperature, status signals and fan speed. In addition, output voltage, over current limit and remote on/off can be programmed via the PMBus™. Output voltage can also be adjusted from 19.2 – 29V and current limit point by 70-105% using front panel potentiometers or an analogue 0-5Vdc voltage. Up to eight units can be connected in parallel for higher power and internal ORing FETs allow redundant operation.

The 92.5% efficient unit can operate at full load in ambient temperatures of up to 50°C, and deliver up to 55% load at 70°C. An internal temperature controlled fan is used for cooling to reduce acoustic noise. Case dimensions measure 107 x 84.4 x 324mm (W x H x D), making it suitable for 2U high racking systems, while weight is just 2.7kg.

The power supply has 3kVac input to output, 2kVac input to ground and 500Vac output to ground isolation. All models are certified to UL/CSA 60950-1, IEC/EN 60950-1 and carry the CE mark for Low Voltage and RoHS2 Directives. The TPS3000-24 complies with EN55022-A conducted and radiated emissions, and meets the IEC 61000-3-2 harmonics, IEC 61000-4 immunity and SEMI F47-0706 standards.

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Long-Life Power Supplies for Library Kiosks


The use of self-serve kiosks has reduced customer wait-times in many facilities, while at the same time saving on labour costs. These machines are also used extensively in libraries for both checking out and returning books and other media material. Power supply field life is important as a failure can result in expensive service calls and decreased customer satisfaction.

Now with a seven-year warranty, the TDK-Lambda RWS-B series has conservative component ratings, featuring 10-year electrolytic capacitor lifetimes to ensure a long field life. Two 150W rated models have been chosen for a new range of self-service kiosks for UK libraries, because of their reliability and cost effectiveness.

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