High Power LED Control Module for car crash test illumination

Capturing clear photographs during car crash testing is critical and LED lighting is now being used to enhance the pictures taken by high speed cameras. TDK-Lambda’s PFE1000F AC-DC power modules were chosen because of their robustness to deliver the pulsed load required by the LED photographic flash lights – they were tested for 25,000 flashes.



Process measurement instrument

When using fan cooled power supplies in a manufacturing environment, the risk of failures due to dirt and other contaminants entering the products is high. The CPFE500F was picked because of its conduction cooling capabilities using a sturdy baseplate to transfer the heat to an external cooling plate.



Introducing the 60A iJB Point of Load DC-DC Converter

local-video.aspx?pid=566TDK-Lambda highlights the key advantages of the iJB 60A Point of Load DC-DC Converter in this new video.

To read more about the iJB series, please visit: www.uk.tdk-lambda.com/ijb

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800W model added to Z+ High Voltage Programmable DC Power Supplies

TDK Corporation announces the introduction of the 800W model to the TDK-Lambda Z+ series of high voltage programmable DC power supplies. As with the 200W and 400W models, the higher power model is offered with output voltages of up to 160, 320 or 650Vdc (as well as an additional model offering up to 375Vdc), addressing the requirements for applications such as deposition processes, ROVs, ATE systems as well as general laboratory and industrial use.

Sharing the same features and compact dimensions as the other Z+ ranges, the new model achieves efficiencies up to 89% and carries a 5-year warranty. All units in the Z+ range can operate in either constant current or constant voltage modes and accept a universal (85-265Vac) input. For higher power systems, such as those used in test or simulation applications, up to 6 units can be connected in parallel in a master-slave configuration. To increase the output voltage or to provide a bipolar output, up to 2 identical units may be connected in series with external diodes.

All models can be programmed via the front panel or remotely by using the built-in USB, RS232 / RS485 or analogue control interfaces. Optional LAN, GPIB (IEEE488) and isolated analogue programming interfaces are also available. CE marked for EMC and in accordance with the LV (low voltage) and RoHS Directives, the Z+ high voltage series conforms to EN55022/EN55024, as well as IEC/EN61326-1 for conducted (FCC part-15-B and VCCI-B) and radiated (FCC part-15-A and VCCI-A) EMI. Safety approvals include UL/EN/IEC61010-1, and the Z+ high voltage series is designed to meet UL/EN60950-1.



Automated Material Handling System

DPP Series - DIN Rail Mount Power Supply

Automated material handling systems help facilities increase productivity and control costs in a range of applications from warehouses to factories. One manufacturer of such equipment was impressed by TDK-Lambda’s cost efficient DPP DIN-rail power supply and selected it based on the close relationship the OEM has built with the company’s technical support team.



LED Display Panel

ZWS-BAF - PCB-type AC-DC Power Supplies

A consistent and reliable power supply combined with access to good technical support is necessary to make the most out of LED display panels. One manufacturer chose TDK-Lambda’s ZWS-BAF AC-DC power supply for use in its panels, assured by its excellent local customer support network and the overall quality of its products including long electrolytic capacitor life.



Biochemical Analyser

NV-Power Modular Power Supplies

The success of biochemical analysis is closely linked to the technical quality and reliability of the test equipment. This is one of the reasons an equipment manufacturer chose TDK-Lambda’s NV-Power Configurable AC-DC power supply for use in its biochemical analysers. The technical excellence of the power supply, as well as the fast delivery time offered by TDK-Lambda contributed to this product choice.



Electronic Ballasts

GWS series 500W Power Supplies

Electronic ballasts limit the amount of current in an electric circuit; they must operate reliably to ensure the device being powered will function safely and effectively. The compact size of GWS power supplies together with excellent technical support led one manufacturer of specialist lighting solutions to choose TDK-Lambda.



Power supply manufacturer plans further expansion of its R&D footprint in UK

• 2,600 ft2 R&D facility in Bristol
• Extension of core R&D operations in UK

TDK Corporation announces that it will expand its research and development footprint further by opening a new 2,600 ft2 R&D facility in Bristol. Located at the Bristol and Bath Science Park, the additional R&D team will comprise 8-10 engineers, and will report directly into TDK-Lambda UK’s core R&D operations in Ilfracombe, North Devon.

The new design group will complement TDK-Lambda’s Advanced Technology Centre, which is already located at the Science Park. The new centre will be operational by December 2014.

For more information about, please call TDK-Lambda directly on +44 (0)1271 856600 or visit the TDK-Lambda website at: www.uk.tdk-lambda.com


Introducing the PH-A 50-150W High Density Power Modules

TDK-Lambda highlights the key advantages of the PH-A 50-150W High Density Power Modules in this new video.

To read more about the PH-A series, please visit: www.uk.tdk-lambda.com/ph

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