GENESYS+™ – Scalable Power Systems provide up to 20kW

The GENESYS+™ series of programmable power supplies has a smart parallel capability, making it easy to connect individual units together to provide additional power. When using the optional bus paralleling cable, the power supplies detect that connection and set their parameters automatically.

Two or three power supplies can be ordered as a single system preconfigured by the factory with a GSP (GENESYS+™ Scalable Power) prefix. Simply select the desired output voltage range between 0 – 10V and 0 – 600V, the output current / power, the input voltage range and any interface options. 10kW systems are 2U high and 15kW 3U high.

3U high GSP 15kW front view

As the “master” (top unit) display shows the total current of all the units and can provide all the push button programming, the “slave” units are fitted with blank front panels. Optionally for systems where the front panel display is not reachable or needed, a blank front panel can be selected for the upper most unit as well.

The rear panel is pre-wired and fitted with a single input connector and either a single output connector for high voltage or paralleled busbars for high current outputs.

3U high GSP 15kW rear view

An optional kit is available for self-configuration of four 5kW GENESYS+™ units into a 20kW 4U high power system. It includes the two busbars and the associated hardware.

4U high GSP 20kW rear view

During the model selection of each individual unit, there is a choice of a display module on the front panel or no display (blank). All four units should have the same input voltage range and output ratings and be ordered with the paralleling cable (-P).

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