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Marine certified DIN rail supplies power mega-yacht lighting systems

Posted by Dulcie on May 9, 2018
DRF DIN Rail Power Supplies

The definition of a mega-yacht is one that is privately owned, over 24m long and is staffed by a professional crew. The typical resale value for a second hand yacht is just under €9 million. Energy efficiency, even on a large yacht, is important to minimise loading on the generator(s). LED lighting is now widely used for that reason and also to reduce the vibration failures of incandescent lighting filaments.

A custom yacht manufacturer approached TDK-Lambda wanting 24V output power supplies ranging from 120 to 480W output power. He was delighted to know that the DRF series of 120-480W DIN rail power supplies was not only very efficient (up to 94%), but could be supplied with DNV-GL type approval on /HL option models for marine applications. The product’s five-year warranty appealed to the customer’s desire for quality and reliability.

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